8 incredible parks created from landfills

Mon, Jun 1, 2015

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Humanity has turned Earth into a giant trash pile. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans alone produce on average 4.3 pounds of trash each day. Multiplied by 318.9 million people, that’s a lot of trash landing up in the country’s landfills. If there are about 3,500 active landfills in the United States, just one country, think about how many formal and informal landfills there are globally, leaching all kinds of nasty chemicals into ground and surface water supplies and emitting methane gases. It’s a daunting thought. But there is good news. As our knowledge of managing waste improves, we are learning to turn trash into a resource. For example, many landfill sites convert methane emissions into clean energy and many retired landfills have been safely rehabilitated into thriving public parks that reveal nothing of their trashy history. We have rounded up a list of 8. Prepare to be amazed by the transformation. Read the rest of 8 incredible parks created from landfills Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Alcatraz , angel island , ariel sharon park , ayalon riverbed , berkeley , berkeley kite festival , bioplastic , cesar chavez park , coral reefs , flushing meadows , FLushing Meadows-Corona Park , fresh kills , fresh kills staten island landfill , fresh kills staten island park , golden gate bridge , hiriya park , hong kong baseball association , Israel , landfill rehabilitation , landfills , Landscape Architecture , mangroves , meadow lake nyc , mount trashmore , NYC landfills , nyc parks , parks created from landfills , peter latz , Port Sunlight River Park , pulau semaku , river mersey , sai tso wan recreation ground , san francisco park , Singapore , Tel Aviv , Tony Hawk , wetlands , wildlife sanctuary , wirral coast

8 incredible parks created from landfills

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